Georgia Goslee is a passionate motivational speaker. She has joyously combined her skills acquired from winning jury trials with her love of health and fitness to captivate and draw you into her presentations.

Her dynamic oratory provides insightful and compelling aspects about law, life and longevity.  These blended skills and her engaging style culminate into a rather fascinating talent enabling her to stir you up, motivate and persuade you to take action. She is a powerful advocate for your well-being.

Recently Georgia was invited to be a panelist in Oprah Winfrey’s world-wide “Belief” summit in Washington D.C. sponsored by Oprah’s OWN Network.

My life’s purpose is to assist in solving problems with clarity, civility and compassion .” 

Georgia has more than a decade of live television experience as a host and debate panelist.  She has provided legal commentary on high profile cases on network and cable television more than two hundred times. Her talks on health and fitness issues earned her the highest national conference speaker evaluations for six consecutive years. Georgia describes what it takes to attain and sustain good health over decades, not from textbooks, theory, vicarious accounts or antidotes — but from real life experience.

Her legal experience, in a wide range of practice areas, allows her to hone in on and present illuminating details that can save you time, money and even save your life. She believes that anyone can find themselves tricked, confused and downright frustrated in our American judicial system. She has amazing insights gained as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney, in both criminal and civil cases. You won’t want to ignore these timely and informative tips that leave you saying….”Wow! wish I had known that before I…” you fill in the blank.

Georgia has spoken before audiences of thousands at national conferences in the US, London and Switzerland she has spoken on legal issues, health and fitness and aspects of cross-cultural business affairs.

Georgia Goslee is a mother, lawyer, television personality and certified personal trainer. Her life’s purpose is to provide relief by providing tools to identify and solve problems in law, life and longevity. From GED to JD, she holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law; graduated and certified by Fitness Institute International, the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.



Legal situations that lead to disappointing and expensive consequences which can easily be avoided with a little information routinely overlooked.


How to gain and sustain health and fitness over the spectrum of a lifetime.


                  Steps to truly overcome the hardships of life-the ones that scare us most.


Keynote Graduation Address – Fitness Institute International – Boca Raton, Fl
Legal Aspects of Personal Training – Professional Fitness Trainers, Inc. – Miami, Fl
Legal Aspects of Personal Training – American College of Sports
Medicine – Miami, Fl
Emergency & Legal Procedures for Personal Trainers – Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, Kansas City and Miami
Title lX- Action on Women in Sports Conference – Manchester, England
“The Women’s Hour” – BBC 4 Radio – Commentary on the status of women in sports in the United Kingdom
Aspects of Cross-Cultural Business – Swiss Executives – Zurich
How to Build Confidence – United Nations’ Women’s Organization – Geneva
How to Build Confidence – Society of Black Lawyers – London, UK
Alliance of Black Women Attorneys – Women in Law Practice – Baltimore